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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." fair beauty but she's a brawler. >> since i was about 13 years old. >> dr. phil: you pulled a girl out of the shower and beat her up. >> no. she was already out. >> announcer: and this teen is a nightmare. but is it mom and dad? >> we're great parents. i'm a great father. >> announcer: who need a wake-up call? >> dr. phil: she spit in your face. knocks you to the ground and beats you. >> you're dead to me. >> dr. phil: if you're such good parents, why is this a bad child? >> announcer: are they reaching out for help? >> i didn't want to come on here to embarrass me. >> announcer: or looking for a night. >> dr. phil: do you think i know what i'm doing?
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>> yes, i do. >> dr. phil: then don't tell me to do my job. >> dr. phil: let's do it. if we're going to do something here that matters, then we've got to deal with the truth. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: if i can help get this family back on track, are you willing to do that? >> ready, three. take. >> dr. phil: this is going to be a changing day in your life. [cheers & applause] >> go, dr. phil! >> dr. phil: how are you! [applause] how are you doing? how are you? okay. ya'll have to help me out today. take a look at sweet little tiffani. >> i don't give a [bleep] if he's my dad. stop! >> dr. phil: and here's darling nicky. >> [bleep].
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>> get her nicky. kick her in the [bleep] face. >> when youtube videos are going around, people are talking about it and yeah, i beat your ass. >> dr. phil: you're probably asking yourself, how did he girls get this way? well, here's how nicky's mom has dealt with her daughter's violent ways. >> nicky and i used to be facebook friends. i ended up deleting her. i couldn't watch her fighting anymore. >> dr. phil: wow! [laughter] that's a new parenting idea. i'll just unfriend you, you little brat. [laughter] here's how tiffani's parents are dealing with their sweet little daughter. >> i attempted tiffani, to get her to anger management. >> nothing works. >> dr. phil: these girls are so out of control, i couldn't decide to one to start the show
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with. you decide. you want to hear more about sweet little tiffani first as she's been in juvi three times, she's physically assaulted both of her parents, she drinks, ditches class and does whatever she wants whenever she wants. or what about darling nicky? the youtube brawler. before you make your decision, nicky and her mom, yvette, got into a fight last night at the hotel. almost had to call the police to get it under control. they had to be moved into separate hotel rooms. this is all at 3:00 a.m. and my staff was there to see all of that. so our job is 24/7. so who is it going to be? you want to see tiffani first. if you do, raise your hand. if you want to see nicky first, raise your hand. okay. so the verdict is in. you asked for it so you got it. we're going to start with nicky. now nicky admits she's beaten up
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her sister, other girls and old boyfriend and even perfect strangers. here's more of darlin nicky in action. >> nicky brags about fighting all the time. she wants it on youtube or facebook for people to see. >> when i fight, i give it all i can. i have busted somebody's nosed. cracked somebody's head open on concrete. i like to get it done so i don't have to fight you again. >> the police have been to my house 80 times in the past three years. >> i've been arrested monthly since i was 13 years old. i have lost count how many fights i've been in. last week me and my friends went over to a girl who had stolen
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one of my friend's phones. she didn't answer the door. we went in her house, pulled her out of her shower. whipped her ass in her own home. >> once i started fighting, i feel like i'm not there. i feel like i'm blacked out. >> i was with my family in santa cruz. we were there for 30 minutes and i fought this woman. she told me to shut the [bleep] up. she told me to calm down. i said i'm not going to calm down. i'm going to helped it. >> nicky is going to end up dead or any prison. >> dr. phil: okay. you may think it's clear cut who is wrong in this case. things are not always the way they seem. before the end of the hours, i'm going to tell you who i think is really responsible here and what i think needs to happen. yvette, what is your view of what is going on here? why is your daughter doing what she's doing? >> i think a lot of it has to do with drugs. her drug and alcohol use daily.
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>> dr. phil: you think she is addicted? >> yes, i do. >> dr. phil: too? >> marijuana and alcohol. >> dr. phil: uh-huh. neither one of those things would explain the violent behavior -- >> the violent behavior comes from bipolar. she was diagnosed bipolar. >> dr. phil: okay. you think she's bipolar and addicted to alcohol and marijuana. >> yes. >> dr. phil: how old is she? >> one -- 16. she'll be 17 in november. >> dr. phil: how has she gotten the drugs and alcohol? >> i don't know. i screwed her window shot. she's broke the door frame down. i alarmed the entire house. she'll open up a window or a door before i set the alarm in my room. i have zero control over nicky. >> dr. phil: so you're at this point what? a passenger? >> yeah, i feel like -- >> dr. phil: i want to be honest here. >> i feel like she controls my house. >> dr. phil: and you.
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>> and me and my son. >> dr. phil: so you've given up? >> i feel helpless. >> dr. phil: we have to be honest here. >> i feel helpless. i called the police many times. the police have my cell phone number. that's how well they know nicky. >> dr. phil: how many times has she been arrested? >> at least 30 in the last year. >> dr. phil: 30 in the last year. so why has she not spent a lot of time in jail? >> too much paperwork. it's easier to bring her home. she threaten add drive-by shooting last week. the police officer called my cell phone to tell me that i needed to tell nicky she was a terrorist threat. >> dr. phil: so you wanted her to go to jail? >> absolutely. >> dr. phil: are you doing anything to maintain what is happening with this child? >> i don't understand. >> dr. phil: are you doing anything that elicits this behavior like bad role modelling or --
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>> i think i'm verbal. i know i'm very verbal towards nicky. i know i don't show the affection that i used to towards her. in all honesty, i can't stand to be in the same room with her. >> dr. phil: so you don't like her? >> i love her, but i don't like her. >> dr. phil: you unfriended her on facebook because you got tired of watcher her fights? >> every picture is with alcohol or weed or fights. >> dr. phil: when you see her drinking and she's under age, what do you do? >> she normally won't drinking around me -- >> dr. phil: you said every picture i see she's drinking. so what have you done when you have known that? >> i tried numerous things. grounding her. trying to switch her friends. i can't control what she's doing. she will do it anyway regardless. i have three children. it's the only one that will not listen. >> dr. phil: is that why you let them party at your house? >> i don't let them party there. she waits until i go to sleep and she has parties at my house.
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>> dr. phil: let's take a look at this and see what is said about this. >> i love to party. i'm a party girl. >> nicky smokes marijuana and drinks alcohol every day. >> i drink a lot. i do. i drink every weekend. >> i have allowed her to v what she calls a couple friends having a kickback. but that turns out to be 20, 30 people. most of the neighbors here had a me because of nicky. >> the police barge in. they know there's a lot of people that come in and know should be in jail. >> the police call my cell phone. that's how much they come here. >> i don't have any control whatever. she does what she wants whenever she wants. >> dr. phil: so you kind of have given up on that front? >> i have. >> dr. phil: you can't get them out, can't get her out. i'm not saying you're proud of that. but what i'm trying to do is find out how far down are we, how bad this is so i know what
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level of intervention, what level of help to bring. >> last week, the police were called out. she asked if she could have a couple friends over. our house is really large. my bedroom is in the front. i don't hear if they're in the garage or in the back yard. i can't hear back there. again, they ring my cell phone. they say there's three out there and there was a party going on in my garage. there were guys jumping on my roof, over the fence. they said they're going to file civil charges against me, the city is, because they're called out to my house too many times. >> who from your town knows you're coming here? >> three of my neighbors wrote in to the show. they've seen me crying in the general store over nicky. they see the police in front of my house almost daily. >> dr. phil: so you didn't write for help. people wrote on your behalf. said help this woman. >> yes. >> dr. phil: we got that letter
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and we also got another one. i got an anonymous e-mail about you, her and this whole situation. i'm going to read it to you after the break. [applause] >> dr. phil: do not lie to me. if that is -- >> i would tell you. >> dr. phil: i'm going to find out the truth. if i have to put investigators on the street in your town, i will find out the truth because i'm going to help this little girl. >> announcer: monday on an all-new "dr. phil." he's an embezzler. >> dr. phil: your father will be gone for a while. >> announcer: who says his ex-wife is a cougar. >> dr. phil: you don't have young boyfriends? >> nope. it's a joke. >> announcer: they still live under the same roof. >> dr. phil: you're divorced. >> announcer: if that's not drama. >> let's tell the truth a minute. >> dr. phil: let's do. >> announcer: wait till you see what leaves dr. phil
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>> dr. phil: well, today's show is called "brutal beauty." we have some beautiful young girls, beautiful in so many ways that are actually brutally violent and out of control. i'm speaking with yvette, the mother of nicky that is a youtube brawler. fair enough? >> yes. >> dr. phil: fair enough description? she's actually here because some neighbors in her town wrote in
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and said you need to help this woman. but then after it was booked, we got an anonymous and unsolicited e-mail that came in about this very story. i'm anxious to hear what you have to say about this. this is an urgent matter concerning your guest, yvette and nicky. i must remain anonymous for my own protection. to help nicky, you must help yvette. she's a manipulative influence in her life. yvette is the reason that nicky smokes, drinks and sell drugs. yvette smokes weed with her daughter, allows nicky and her friends to drink alcohol in their home. nicky began selling weed because yvette was sending nicky out to score weed for her. yvette is currently married for the fourth time. she has an 8-year-old son, yvette has taught her daughter to lie. if you pull nicky aside and ask her, she will very well tell you
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the truth. what do you think of that? >> i think it's a development that i have issues with. >> dr. phil: there's things that concern me that i need you to tell me true or not true. look, at this point, this really isn't about you other than to the extent that you can help or hurt nicky getting herself under control. >> right. >> dr. phil: so you got to be willing to put your own defensiveness, your own ego, your own agenda aside and tell me everything i need to know to help here. because i do intend to help here. i intend to help you, intend to help your daughter and your whole family. but i cannot do it and will not do it if i don't have all the facts. >> right. >> dr. phil: this anonymous e-mail, which i think is kind of gutless, by the way, for somebody to not have the guts to
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sign it, says that you smoke marijuana and that you do it with your daughter and that you have her go out and buy it for you. >> that's not true. >> dr. phil: now, do not lie to me -- >> no, no -- >> dr. phil: i'm going to find out the truth. if i have to put investigators on the street in your town, i will find out the truth because i'm going to help this little girl. >> right. that is not true. i didn't even know nicky selling marijuana until last week. >> dr. phil: so she is selling drugs? >> yes, she is. >> dr. phil: have you ever sent her out to buy drugs for you? >> never. >> dr. phil: take a deep breath. >> i know. she's 16. >> dr. phil: take a deep breath. if this is happening even sort of, maybe, kind of, you need to tell me the truth. >> right. i understand that. never had her do that. never. >> dr. phil: have you smoked marijuana with your daughter? >> never. >> dr. phil: never? >> i smoked it, yes. never with her. >> dr. phil: do you do it regularly? >> no.
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>> dr. phil: but you've never done it with her? >> never. >> dr. phil: but you know she does it. >> smoked marijuana? absolutely. >> dr. phil: you know she sells it. found that out last week. >> found that out last week. >> dr. phil: you're telling me the truth here. >> yes. >> dr. phil: i'm skeptical. >> she's 16. >> dr. phil: i know she's 16 and also completely out of control. did you encourage her to fight? never. nicky was never a fighter. didn't know she wanted to fight. >> dr. phil: when you saw these on the internet, what did you do? >> i asked her why she did that. why she was hurting people. she said it makes her feel good. releases her stress. >> dr. phil: releases her stress. >> uh-huh. most of the fights, my oldest daughter was taking her to go fight. i didn't know that either. >> dr. phil: she had a stepfather when she was 12. she says that he was abusive
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with her. true or false? >> i think it's -- i think he's put his hands on her. i don't think he was ever abusive. >> dr. phil: did he call her a little bitch? >> yes. >> dr. phil: did he hit her with a belt? >> yes. >> dr. phil: and where were you when this was going on? >> i was actually the one that was hitting her with a belt and she was laughing at me. he took it out of my hand and let me. the first time he spanked her. and cps was called. they came to my house. they said they were there to see nicky. they wanted us to go outside. i did. three minutes later and she said i want you to know that you're not in any trouble at all. i just asked your daughter if she was abused. she said i'm sitting on the coup, it's a quarter till 4:00, i'm eating on the couch and eating and playing on the tv. she said do i look abused to you.
4:20 pm
then she laughed and said i covered you, mom. >> dr. phil: what did she say? >> she said if you ever do this again, you'll be taken away. >> dr. phil: what do you think will happen with her? >> if she doesn't get help, she'll end up deed or in jail. >> dr. phil: i want to talk to nicky. i want to talk to her without you here. is that okay? >> uh-huh. >> dr. phil: when when come back, i'm going to meet nicky. we'll be right back. [applause] >> i didn't want to come on here so you guys can try to embarrass me. yeah, my fighting is a result of what i've been through. it is. >> get her, nicky. >> i'm sitting here and
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[applause] >> dr. phil: well, i've been talking to yvette, who is the mother of nicky that is now joined me. yvette says that her daughter parties all night, sleeps all day and fights with anyone and everyone. nicky says the fights find her. now, first off, what do you think about being here today? >> i'm nervous. i didn't expect to be on the "dr. phil" show. it's not something i'm proud of. it's all my mother's thing.
4:24 pm
you know, i -- i don't know. i just really -- if you can help me and my mom's relationship, i'm willing to try. >> dr. phil: yeah? [applause] i'm glad to hear that. i listen to some of the things that you said to us in your interview. just watch this. you can watch it here. and then we'll talk about this. >> nicky at her first fight in the eighth grade. she brags about fighting all the time. she wants it on youtube or facebook to see. >> when the youtube videos go around, you're talking about it and it's ha, ha, i beat your as. >> she says it relieves stress and anger. >> last week we went over to a girl that stole one of my friend's phones. she didn't answer the door. we went in the house, found her
4:25 pm
in the shower and beat her. >> she found my gun. it was hidden under my mattress. >> i want her to know there's a break in to know where it's at. >> there's a constant fear of not knowing what's next. >> dr. phil: okay. as you watch that, what is your reaction to it? >> um, embarrassing. >> dr. phil: but you take it -- you say you're embarrassed about it. you're the one that distributes it. you a, do it and b, distribute it on facebook and youtube, right? so why do you say you're embarrassed about it? >> honestly, over the years have gone, i realize the trouble it's gotten me in, where it's gotten me in trouble with friends and family. you know, it's not ever been something that i'm proud of. it's not something that i'm
4:26 pm
proud of. throughout the interview, we talked more and i did -- i told them more things than that i feel like i took more of the bad of it. but yes, fighting i do and i have a problem. >> dr. phil: yeah. why do you think you do it? >> honestly, i guess that i don't go looking for it, but i just -- i don't know. when i was younger, i had people that were always trying to fight me. i was the one that didn't want to fight. i was the straight a student. >> dr. phil: you say you don't go looking for it. last week you did a home invasion and pulled a girl out of the shower and beat her up. that's your description, which you said laughingly. now, look, i'm not a prosecutor, but that's a felony when you -- you do a home invasion, that's a felony. and they will put you in jail for a long, long time.
4:27 pm
>> i know. >> dr. phil: and you think you're betty bad ass, you'll meet some fighters in prison. they will whip your ass before god gets the news. [applause] you don't want to go to jail. serious jail. they can put you in juvi or whatever. you do a felony home invaccination, you can go to prison. those old gals are serious. >> what you're not getting is you took what i said and put the bad into a video. i mean, the whole interview was said, you'd know exactly what happened. it wasn't just me. it's me and a group of friends. my friends pulled her out of the shower and whooped her. the girl will fight back. yeah, we did. we jumped her and she went back. it was equal combat. it's not -- >> dr. phil: what part of the context is missing? she stole your phone or -- >> she stole my friend's phone.
4:28 pm
>> dr. phil: it wasn't your phone? >> no. it wasn't my phone. i was the ride. >> dr. phil: pardon me? >> i was the ride. >> dr. phil: so you went over to somebody's house and they didn't answer so you just went in. so what part of the context am i missing? >> um -- >> dr. phil: sorry? >> i'm going to get there. you're pulling the bad out of it you're -- >> dr. phil: tell me the good part of that. >> there is no good part of it. what i did was wrong. what my friends did was wrong. >> dr. phil: then what am i leaving out? >> okay, basically -- i'm not going to say. >> dr. phil: i didn't think so. there's nothing to say. >> just not going to say it. >> dr. phil: so four of your girls won't over and ambushed a girl in the shower. >> no. she was already out. she was putting her clothes on. what happened, the girl invited us over.
4:29 pm
she said come. come to my house. we got there. we knocked on the door. she didn't come out. so they went around back and they got in. she was in the house. i mean, she equally put towards it. >> dr. phil: based on what you said, a first-year prosecutor who's ink is not even dry on the their diploma could and would convict you of a serious felony. i'm telling you this because i don't think that you're a bad girl. but i think you're doing some really bad things that could get you in trouble that is beyond the police just coming over and giving -- >> i didn't come on here to talk about fighting. that's what they picked out of it. that's what they wanted to do. like i said, i didn't want to come on here for you guys to embarrass me. that's not what i'm about. i came on here to fix mine and my mother's relationship. yeah, my fighting is a result of what i've been through. it is.
4:30 pm
i'm sitting here and i'm trying to keep my cool the best i can. i am a mature person. i'm a good girl. i have good grades. i do try. i strive. i try every day. okay? this isn't my fault. i came on here to fix mine and my mother's relationship. to tell you what i've been through. that's what i hear you're about. you want to hear the story and fix things. i'm willing to try. i'm not willing to sit up her and get embarrassed for something that you want to pick and pull out of things i've done wrong. >> dr. phil: do you think i know what i'm doing? >> i do. >> dr. phil: don't tell me how to do my job. [applause] >> but i want you to respect me. i respect you. i would like respect. what you see -- >> dr. phil: i'm not some little girl in the park and you can bow up on me and you're going to find out it goes bad for you. okay? i'm here to help you. >> exactly. i'm here to get help. >> dr. phil: then you need to take a deep breath and calm down. >> i'm trying. okay? >> dr. phil: you need to do that.
4:31 pm
look at this picture. that looks like a really happy little girl. that doesn't look like a mean girl or -- >> i never wanted to do drugs. i never wanted to drink. i wanted to be a doctor. i had goals.
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>> dr. phil: do you disrespect your mother?
4:34 pm
>> i do not try to disrespect my mother. if you knew what mine and my mother's relationship was -- >> dr. phil: tell me. >> -- like, you'd know. >> dr. phil: tell me. >> my died when i was 6. my mother got pregnant by another man that she was dating when my father was dying. when i was 8 years old, my mother was remarried. i had no time to be able to comprehend what was really going on. when i turned 13 years old, i snapped. i did. all right? i got messed up in the head. i've been through counselling, i've tried everything. nothing helped. they told me i'm bipolar. put me on medication. it doesn't help. >> dr. phil: i'm very sorry for your loss. i'm sorry you had to go through that. >> you guys pick and pull what i've been through. you picked and pulled through what you can embarrass me with. what can get you ratings.
4:35 pm
that's not what i'm here for. i'm here to -- >> dr. phil: okay. i know who i am. i'm talking to you. it is incredibly arrogant for you to think that you're some kind of ratings get for us. come on. >> that's what it's looking like. >> dr. phil: do flatter yourself. that's not what -- >> that's what this is looking like. >> dr. phil: that's not what this is about. what this is about to trying to figure out how you can get on a path where you can really be happy and have some peace in your life. >> uh-huh. >> dr. phil: nicky shared something incredibly raw with one of our producers this week. something i think has everything to do with why you have so much rage. let's take a look at this. >> my father passed away when i was 6 from als. it's lou gehrig's disease. my dad was on pain pills. he put his whole life in aa
4:36 pm
before he died. it was hard watching my die go from a man to a vegetable and to not be able to talk or walk or sing or dance. i loved my dad very much. he spoiled me. he did everything he could to let me know i was his little girl. he loved me. it's so hard to this day. i never want to blame my father for why i am. i never want to blame him for my problems, my mistakes. but it is part of the reason why i'm so [bleep] up. >> dr. phil: and that's a wound that has never healed in you, right? and -- by the way, i think it's important that you see that because you understand we're not
4:37 pm
just cherry picking this things and that thing. this is very much a big part of who you are. when i look at this picture -- look over your shoulder. i look at this picture. that looks like a really happy girl. doesn't look like a mean girl. >> i had straight as. i was supposed to be a gate student. i never wanted to do drugs. i never wanted to drink. i wanted to be a doctor. i had goals. i was doing so good. it was sixth grade that i got my first f and it was horrible. i never got anything better than as. as much as i tried, i never got anything better. it got worse and worse. >> dr. phil: do you think it's too late for you? >> no. why you think i'm here? >> dr. phil: because i don't think it's too late for you at all. i just call things the way i see them. sometimes people like that, sometimes they don't. what you will get from me is the
4:38 pm
truth. this is the beginning, not an end. this is a place to start, to say, okay, look, i get this isn't good in my life. i get this relationship isn't working. then you need some help to figure out how to do differently. all right? when we come back, i'm going to add nicky's mother back to this conversation and we're going to talk about some things that need to happen. we'll be right back. [applause] >> dr. phil: he says he came this close to being one of sandusky's chosen boys. >> he was part of a tri-state pedophile rink. they traded me for 6 when i was 15 years tasty l'il critters gummy vites complete contain key vitamins without artificial colors like red dye #40. l'il critters: america's number one children's brand.
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good nutrition from the start.
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[applause] >> dr. phil: i'm back with nicky and yvette. and one of the things that we i think can agree on is that there's conflict in this house. and what -- if you were the king of the forest for a day, you could just change anything the way you wanted it, what would you want from her that you're not getting and what would you like to stop getting that you are getting from her? if you can shape and change her and the way she interacts with you, what would it be? >> my mom, she's a good woman. she works hard. and i do, i feel i'm part of the way she treats me the way she
4:42 pm
does. but the name calling is not as bad as it used to be. it does hurt. telling me things like i'm just like my dad and -- my dad was a compulsive liar and all this stuff. it hurts really bad. because that's one of my weakest points. her yelling. oh, god. she talks. she doesn't realize she's yelling at me. it's her voice. sometimes she makes me cringe. there's a lot. >> dr. phil: what do you think about what she's saying? >> i do call her names. i do. i mean, i will willing will admit it. i've cut way back on it because she did tell me it hurt her and it was me lashing out because -- >> dr. phil: what do you call her? >> bitch. slut. many names.
4:43 pm
>> dr. phil: tell me the theory under which that makes sense. >> it doesn't. it's always in a fit of rage. her not listening. she never listens. nicky does what nicky wants to do. it makes no sense. i'm angry. >> dr. phil: and i understand that. she does what she wants to do. she doesn't pay attention. you're trying to enhance or change that by calling her vile names. >> we start to argue. nicky and i are a lot a like. she's head strong. she's violent. >> dr. phil: you're the adult. act like it. >> i try. >> dr. phil: you don't call your daughter names. [applause] you have to stop that. i'm not saying there's things that she does that infuriates you but you're an adult. there's a formula for success in relationship. the quality of a relationship is the extent to which it meets the
4:44 pm
needs of two adults. to have a good relationship, you have to understand her needs and you have to try to meet those needs. you simultaneously need to teach her what your needs are so she can try to meet those needs. now, she is articulating to me and up to needs that she has. needs that she doesn't -- what she knows is her father died and her world started spinning. and she doesn't know how to navigate that. so in many respects, emotionally you're the same place you were the day it happened. true? it's as raw for you as the day it happened. you know, people say time heals all wounds. time heals nothing. it's what you do in that time that makes a difference. because one month of doing the right thing is more important than a year of doing nothing or doing the wrong thing when it
4:45 pm
comes to healing feelings and getting a grip on things. when you don't, all you know is that you're just irritated all the time. you're just angry. you're just -- it's below the surface right there. and you don't even really know why. and a lot of times you're irritated. you really don't know why, do you? it's anything can set you off. >> i'm so irritable. i do. maybe that's why i -- maybe that's why i smoke weed. i smoke. i smoke all day because it just makes me -- i'm calm. >> dr. phil: you understand, she's self-medicating with marijuana. >> we figured that out. >> yeah, we figured it out. i believe that. >> dr. phil: it's not a healthy way to do it, but she's found a way to live inside her body. just got all the wrong aspects to it. but there -- we can do that in a more healthy way.
4:46 pm
that's what she's doing. it's adaptive to her. you understand? >> trying. >> dr. phil: we got to take a break. i'll be back. [applause] >> did you know that more than 16 million kids in the u.s. are at risk of hunger each day? that's more than one in five children. these are our neighbors, our kids that play in the neighborhood, co-workers, friends children. the problem is closer than you would think. but so is the solution. join me and visit feedingamerica [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. up to 300 of those bottles they'll tell you exactly what they're thinking... kids...
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>> if you're going to be in the los angeles area and you'd like free tickets, go to and click on "be in the audience." >> dr. phil: or call 323-461-phil. [applause] >> dr. phil: i'm back with nicky and yvette. this has been a volatile family situation. there's a lot of moving parts and there's a lot going on. i'm going to tell you what i think here and what i think needs to happen and what i want to happen. first off, i really believe that you are in over your head.
4:50 pm
at this point, you're saying, i don't know what to do. i mean, you're out of options. for me to tell you to do better would be like telling you to get taller. >> right. >> dr. phil: so you go home an concentrate on it but you don't know how to get taller. >> right. >> dr. phil: so you need some help here. let me tell you, kids don't get out of balance in a vacuum. is it's a family situation. she's the one making all the noise. she's the target patient. because she makes the noise. but she is no more a part of this dysfunction than anyone else in the family. she's just getting the finger pointed at her. it's not all here. you're a good candidate, trust me. but she's the product of a family dysfunction here that has gone on for years that has to be fixed. that has to be helped. >> okay. >> dr. phil: i want to bring you some help to get that done. there's a lot of work you need
4:51 pm
to do. you individually, personally, as is her and then there's collective work that needs to be done. now, let me just talk to you for a minute here. there are some things that we need to get figured out about you. i want you to be evaluated physically, mentally, psychological -- every possible way. i want you to have the most thorough workup you could ever imagine. i've not diagnosed you, but i do not believe you're bipolar. i don't think there's anything in your history that suggested you're bipolar. nothing. i don't see anything that suggested that to me. i could be wrong. that's why i want to do this evaluation. there's a place i want to do that. it's called the p&p center. it's like a mayo clinic-type thing where you get all of these evaluations done in one place.
4:52 pm
i will fly you guys there and we will do this complete workup and also give you some skill sets there to manage some of the reactivity in your body. some skills that are very sophisticated skills that you are really love. gives you some real answers to start helping yourself get where you need to go. >> okay. >> dr. phil: and so we'll set this up right away. i want to do this with you, not to you. okay? it's something i want you -- i think you want to do it, right? >> i do. >> dr. phil: we'll be right back. [applause] >> announcer: friday -- >> dr. phil: a former child prostitute says he can link jerry sandusky to a high profile pedophile rate. >> we made arrangements to go to a hotel to drink alcohol, pop pills and
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>> dr. phil: i started this hour introducing you to two girls, nicky and tiffani. the audience wanted me to start with nicky probably because of all the youtube videos and the hotel fight last night, which we didn't even get to talk about actually. and i -- we wound up taking the entire hour doing that. if you're at home and you've got a teen or a kid that is really volatile understand two things. number 1, you have to rule out medical causations. before you think it's a behavioral problem, rule out medical causation. and then you have to be aware that behaviors often start for one reason and occur for a completely different reason. i think that's what happened with nicky. i think you can see that there's
4:57 pm
a lot of pain under this girl's surface and it comes bubbling up in the form of rage, which that's the easiest emotion, right? because if you're in a rage, you don't get hurt. you can't be rejected if you're the one agressing. it's a safe emotional ploy. we'll figure it out. as for tiffani, we'll talk to her and her family tomorrow. >> announcer: an all-new dr. phil, their teen is a nightmare. but is it mom and dad that need a wake-up call? >> dr. phil: you spit in her face? she knocks you to the ground and beats you and you tell me you're doing the right things? >> you're dead to me. >> dr. phil: if you guys are such good parents, why is this a bad spot? >> tiffani needs help. >> dr. phil: it's this family that needs help. you can find me on,
4:58 pm
facebook, twitter. thanks for being here today. so long. [applause] police release cause of death and identify the family found dead here in herndon. i'm peggy fox, the latest coming up. >> this is bruce johnson in downtown washington outside the public service commission offices where inside they're deciding whether to give pepco a $42 million rate increase. one group has already turned out in mass today to protest.
4:59 pm
>> a major announcement about the washington monument. i'll have the story straight ahead. >> i'm danielle knotting ma'am at the white house. coming up president obama -- nottingham at the white house. coming up president obama and mitt romney fight for support in a critical state. we'll get to that all, but first breaking news from the sports world. >> after weeks of botched calls and outraged fans the lookout of the nfl referees appears to be over. >> that is good news. sonics anchor kristen berset is with us -- sports anchor kristen berset is with us now. do the replacement refs get the boot in time for sunday or even tomorrow night's game? >> i know everybody wants that to be made clear and that to happen, but i do want to emphasize, guys, this is not a done deal yet. nothing has been signed. in fact, we've seen reports the last couple hours that perhaps the two sides may not be as close to a deal as originally thought, but hey, they're closer than they were four days ago. the two sides have met since saturday. they held a
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